Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Police and Andre

I saw a concert by Police the other night on PBS at part of their fundraising drive. Police on PBS – wow!! That was unexpected.

Does that mean that the “Police generation” who must be in its 40s today is becoming PBS’s target audience? I thought our baby-boomer friends were PBS’s primary audience. Well, maybe PBS featuring Police surprised me because I thought, “I am getting old if PBS is now showing concerts of groups I love”. I should be happy though because as time goes by, I’ll have more and more opportunities to catch music from the 70’s and early 80’s on PBS.

And kudos to those PBS for being “adaptive” in its marketing – you guys rock (huh, really?). Anyways, this is always better than André Rieu, the Dutch Huguenot (yes, I like those French-sounding Dutch names) Conductor Extraordinaire, or rather “you might as well shoot me” Conductor Extraordinaire – I must say I can’t stand that guy…

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