Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lahore and Munich

I was sad to hear on the BBC yesterday morning about the shooting in Lahore that targeted Sri Lanka’s national cricket team and killed several policemen and injured a few players and others.

But I was also very surprised that I had to look for a while on,, or for the account of that attack… According to the BBC, that attack was the worst incident affecting athletes since 1972 and the Munich tragedy… The BBC journalist shared that they had received scores of emails from folks being shocked and angered by what had happened.

I guess this has to do with cricket being like a religion in many Asian countries and a very minor sport elsewhere, including in the US. But also, is it just that we have given up on Pakistan and are getting used to attacks here? Or as long as there are not dozens of casualties like in Bombay, why should we even bother? It is also maybe time to tell the US media that we are not on an island here and we should care about human lives everywhere – life has the same worth anywhere, America!!

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