Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Ross

It was a treat seeing George Clooney (Le Beau George…), Julianne Margulies, and Eriq LaSalle back in ER the other night (no in the ER since the characters played by Clooney and Margulies are now in Takoma, WA and the surgeon played by LaSalle is at Northwestern…). Seeing Le Beau George made me think that I don’t know that many examples of TV series lead actors who became worldwide movie stars. That Clooney guy is sure to go anywhere in this world – he will be recognized. A true old-school movie star…

I read about ER ratings’ slide in the last several years (now the 49th most seen show nationally or something like that). I have remained among the ER faithful (though missing the earlier era) – but I am sure a lot of folks, including those who got tired of the series, enjoyed that episode last Thursday and maybe also felt a bit sad that ER lost some of its momentum over time.

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