Friday, August 26, 2011

I am Back + The Meaning of Blogging...

It is interesting to go back into writing or blogging mode after a long silence. It got me to think about how disciplined I should be about writing regularly, what regularly means (every day, once a week, every time something newsworthy happens, “newsworthy” meaning what exactly), and what topics I should focus on, if any.

I have kept my blogging routine very loose evidently, having started with the intention to focus on social sector issues (more narrowly even on social enterprise or social investing) and actually writing more often than not about politics or social justice, sometimes both. For a “non-natural” writer like myself for whom writing is enjoyable yet not exactly easy there has to be an impetus for me to want to sit down and write. The impetus is often a reaction that I have to an event and that gets my juices flowing.

In that case, the blog plays its role of outlet, giving me a voice to express my opinion. When I get to write about a topic that centers on the social sector and is thus more closely related to my work, even though what I do is a passion of mine, I have more muted reactions to whatever happens in the sector that I want to write about.

Going forward, I’d like to keep the “spontaneity of intention”, i.e. waiting for an inspiration so to speak rather than forcing myself to write on some event because I feel I should. That being said, if I believe that my voice is valuable, among millions of others who express themselves through blogs (all is relative, right?), then I should make more of a sustained effort to write, bearing in mind that not every post should be a thoughtful – or what I try to be a thoughtful – analysis of or reaction to something that I care about.

Coming up… I was in Africa last week and the trip gave me some food for thought regarding development aid. Stay tuned!!

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