Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Hair Day

On my way back from Asia the other day I watched Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair (see wikipedia page) that depicts the obsession of a lot of African American women about having “good hair”. Good hair means straight hair basically and the film does an excellent job of describing everything that so many women are willing and ready to suffer though to get their hair as straight as possible. Chris Rock has that charisma, charm, and instant connection and chemistry with folks so that he manages to get both women and men, as well as celebrities and no-name people in the movie to speak with their hearts about what “good hair” means to them – those comments are both funny and moving.

Incredible coincidence - my neighbor actually works for one of those LA-based human hair (from India!!) wholesalers. What were the odds, right? He said that the movie was quite accurate – so great job, Chris Rock, and a shout to my neighbor’s company

Rent or borrow this move if you can. It says so much about the American psyche and about the complexity of social justice, i.e. the fascination of those African American women for straight (in other words Caucasian-looking) hair.

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