Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kanye and My Mother

I was in Europe last week and I got there just after Obama had commented Kanye’s outburst at the Music Video Award ceremony (timely by the way that he did that just before he was supposed to be one of the first guests of Jay Leno’s comedy show – by the way, I still don’t get how different that show is from what he was doing on the Late Night…). Not only was the US media inundated with the Kanye thing (sic) – Dr Phil was on Larry King Live to give his two cents on this important national issue – but when I got to Paris, my mother asked me what was going on with Obama lashing on that guy (she had no idea who Kanye was by the way…) and said it had been all over the news in France in the past 2 days…

Alright, people – I am sorry but this is the side effect of globalization. With no filter for relevance, the most unimportant news is crossing the pond and traveling to the city of lights and beyond – I am sure the Kuala Lumpur tabloids did their home pages on Kanye’s outburst too… I am not a media basher most of the time but Kanye taking the mike from that poor girl, a matter of national (international!!) importance, really??

I am all for having fun and blowing some steam off after completing a boring task or discussing a serious or difficult issue. But Kanye trumping healthcare reform, wow, Larry King and others in the country + media around the world, you are not doing your job properly here…

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