Friday, August 14, 2009

Nice walk with the Minute Man

I spent a wonderful couple of hours today walking in the Minute Man National Historical Park. The Park is a stretch along Lexington Road in Concord / Lexington that includes a 5-mile trail along the historic route where the American militia man / patriots fought the British colonial forces on April 19th, 1775. This is “where the Revolution began” according to American history (as a National Park Service flyer points out…). For those like me who love nature, trails, and history, this is a perfect combination. I did not know the National Park existed until today. I just was familiar with the nearby Minuteman Bikeway that connects the Alewife subway station to Bedford and is well over 10 miles long. Do not expect everyone to say hi back on the trail though - after all, this is Massasuchetts...

Note that a number of plaques (I plead guilty, I am a “serial plaque reader”…) read, “British soldier(s) buried here” and next to those plaques, a small paper had been placed saying that the plaque honored the memory of “too often forgotten British soldiers” – well, yes, the poor lads lost that battle and their lives but it was a bit bizarre to realize that they had been buried where they were killed pretty much.

More info about the Minute Man National Historical Park at Enjoy!!

To cap the day, I had a haircut… Not that anyone cares, I know.

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